Custom Enterprise Package For Commercial Real Estate

Wolfram can help you extract more value from your data and experience

Our technology and consultative experience, combined with your experience in the commercial real estate market, can give you deeper insight into your portfolio.

Working together, we can build a custom solution that helps your real estate investment trust or private equity firm make confident decisions more efficiently than with traditional human-driven analysis.

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Wolfram technology

Our unified technology stack makes it straightforward to knit together various sources of data, create intuitive human-data interfaces, access cutting-edge algorithms and uncover insights.

Flexible services

From concept to deployment, our experts can help you transform your data into actionable information, incorporate automation, implement models using AI and modern techniques, and even connect Wolfram technology to your current infrastructure.

Universal deployments

Deploy models as platform-independent web APIs, webforms or a component accessed by your current applications. Scale as needed. Actively track trends by publishing dynamic notebook-based reports that update based on custom criteria.

Find the value, drive the decision, seize the opportunity

We understand real data

Our decades of experience creating and improving Wolfram|Alpha have made us experts at wrangling, cleaning and enhancing data so you can quickly take action. We can connect to your currently used spreadsheets, databases, applications and APIs.

We understand multivariate analysis

Discover important features and uncover relationships

We can help you use the power of the Wolfram Language to explore and visualize in order to find correlations and patterns within the data so you can focus your models on the key parameters that control value. Group and analyze data based on similarity measures to extract underlying relationships between assets.

Employ modern approaches to modeling

Create adaptive models directly from your complex datasets for predictive analytics or classification. Use AI and modern learning techniques to arrive at better answers.

Future-proofing for tomorrow

Once your data is connected to Wolfram technology, the possibilities are endless. Our experts can help you do things that no one else is doing, like adding a natural language interface to your data. Process visual data with custom neural networks to pick out features and patterns like property condition, accessibility and more. Be prepared to handle and act based on data streams from building automation systems.

Flexible services

We know how to make our technology match your needs

Custom solutions

We can provide help across the spectrum, from pilot projects to production.

Tailored training

At any step, we can provide training on how to use our custom solution or help you as your build your own.

Deploy across your company

Wolfram Cloud

Supports notebooks, APIs, webforms, interactive elements, scheduled tasks and more.

Wolfram Application Server

Directly connect to your platform or applications using a wide variety of communication interfaces.

Wolfram Engine

A containerized solution that deploys scalable APIs and webforms.

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